Street Jamz is like skull candy for your Brain!
Cool In-Helmet Stereo System!
TRAIL JAMZ,  Taking your Riding Fun to a whole new level!!!


Shows hook up of Helmet Speakers, MP3 Player, and optional Amplifier
System electronics shown connected with BOOMERS speakers, MP3 Player(included), volume control, & optional power amp.
Included Custom Smart Power Supply not shown.
PS  The BOOMERS speakers are less than 2" in diameter, the MP3 & Power Amp are THAT SMALL!
Smart Custom Power Sully is very small & will re-charge the unit as you ride AND as you Enjoy your tunes!
Custom Smart Power Supply.
You connect ANY voltage (AC or DC, 6 to 35V) to the Blue RCA connector and it will provide the proper output to charge the MP3 & Optional Power Amp.
The Custom Power Supply is small, light, & tough! 
Made to fit right into the TRAIL JAMZ Neoprene Case.
This allows you to re-charge your System (If needed) right off your Snowmobile
(Any make or model), Quad, Bike, etc, AS YOU RIDE & ENJOY!
The power supply requires DC inputs be connected + Positive to the center terminal of the RCA connector, if you connect it in reverse, it will NOT harm anything!  : )
Simply will not work if connected incorrectly.  
Easy, Smart, & Foolproof.
LED power indicator to let you know everything is connected & functioning correctly.
Note how & where the connection is between the MP3 Player & the Optional Amplifier
MP3 Player & Optional Power Amp.
The nice Small size & Light Weight make wearing your system on your helmet effortless!
In this pic, the output of the MP3 Player connects to the input of the Power Amp on the right.


Entire System (Mp3 Player, Optional Power Amp, & Smart Power Supply) installed in Protective Neoprene Case.

Stereo System in Protective Case installed on Helmet.
You can see the Volume Control installed below the TRAIL JAMZ Case.
The case and volume control installs on your helmet using 
High Quality Industrial Peel & Stick Velcro.
Easy to install, yet is TOUGH!
This stuff HOLDS WELL! 
(All required Industrial Velcro is included in your kit.)

The entire TRAIL JAMZ system is thinner than a pack of cigarettes! 
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All Specifications subject to change without notice.







 Slim Helmet Audio System mounts easily on side of helmet

TRAIL JAMZ installed on helmet viewed from the Front Left.
Nice & small.  Unobtrusive.

Easy to install, nice thin, great sounding, helmet speakers

BOOMERS Speakers installed in helmet.
They come with quality Velcro with 3M Peel & Stick Adhesive already pre-installed
on the speakers.
Easy...   : )

Great Sound, & Thin!    

The Speakers themselves are Light & Thin.

TRAIL JAMZ System installed on Helmet with Visor Cable Connected.
System comes with Y cable for Heated Visor Applications.

That way, you can re-charge your System & use your Heated Visor
with the SAME WIRE AT THE SAME TIME as you ride!

Nice Small Travel Charger

Optional 120v wall plug-in travel charger.
It is nice & small, approximately 2x2x1/2"
Note the plug prongs fold in and are protected from damage in transport.

Trail Jamz Helmet Audio Travel Charger open

Plug prongs folded out for use.


Simply ship back any defective parts with a note telling us what happened,
and we will ship you new a replacement.
You pay for shipping only.
($5 in US, $10 Canada, $15 other countries)
Black Trail Jamz Neoprene Case   Black with Silver Trail Jamz Neoprene Case
Rich Blue Trail Jamz Neoprene Case   Hot Pink Trail Jamz Neoprene Case
Silver Blue Trail Jamz Neoprene Case